• Billy Palmer

Our Commitment on Homelessness

Billy Palmer, Red Iguana Owners Lucy Cardenas & Bill Coker, and Ambassadors working on North Temple.

Homelessness is one of the top issues I hear from neighbors as I’ve been campaigning door-to-door. We all know the issue has many dimensions (shelters, wrap-around services, treatment, housing, encampments, etc.) and no candidate can promise an immediate solution.

I am committed to approaching this issue with compassion for the people experiencing homelessness, understanding for those residents and businesses who feel unsafe in their neighborhoods, and a focus toward effective solutions that address the underlying causes of homelessness.

I’ve led many conversations among policymakers on this issue while hosting KRCL’s RadioActive. I’ve worked alongside North Temple residents and business owners. I’ve been meeting with nonprofits and SLCPD on their roles.

Perhaps the greatest insights have come from the Downtown Ambassador Program. You may have seen these folks in their yellow shirts walking around the North Temple area, engaging people living on streets or in camps. They reach out to people on a human level. They attempt to connect people with the help they need. With help from our supporters, Red Iguana owners Lucy Cardenas and Bill Coker, we recently treated the Ambassadors working along North Temple to lunch as a small thank you for their work.

When an Ambassador makes a connection, their efforts manage to get a person off the street and into a program that can help them find a better path. Sometimes they are met with distrust, threats, mental illness, or ambivalence; however, too often, the problem lies with a lack of available resources and a lack of coordination among providers and partners.

I believe there is a path forward on homelessness. It involves compassion, connection, coordination, and persistence. It also requires shared commitment and shared burdens with the state, county, and across our city.

You can read more about the solutions I will propose on homelessness and my vision for our Westside and all SLC on our VISION page.

You can make a difference on the campaign by signing up to volunteer at billypalmerSLC.com or making a financial contribution using the button below.

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